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Thursday starts out with temperatures in the teens and low 20s, but slowly falling temperatures throughout the day and northerly winds at around 15 mph, means you may be reaching for an extra layer as you walk out of the office this afternoon. Wind chills tonight into Friday morning will be as cold as -15 degrees, with actual air temperatures near zero.

Scattered, light snow showers continue through lunchtime; then this afternoon, light snow is found mainly in the foothills and mountains while valley spots enjoy partly sunny skies. For those in higher elevations, an additional 1-3" of new snow is expected today.

On Friday, a band of lake-effect snow from Lake Ontario will bring 4-6" of new snow to St. Lawrence county and the northern Adirondacks with heavy snowfall rates of more than 1" per hour expected. Elsewhere, partly cloudy skies continue through the day with increasing clouds and a band of snow squalls by Friday night. That line of snow is our Arctic cold front...the one that brings frigid temperatures this weekend!

This weekend features high temperatures in the single digits on either side of zero, with lows in the teens below zero and wind chills on Saturday as low as -30 degrees! Brrr! Sunday, Valentine's Day, will be calmer with a little more sunshine - so hopefully more tolerable!

Early next week, a big warm up with a rain/snow mix on the way Monday night into Tuesday.

Have a wonderful day!

-Skytracker Meteorologist Amanda Lindquist

Burlington artist Charlie Hudson stopped by Local 22 & Local 44 News This Morning to show off his artwork.

Hudson says he's inspired by the intersection between industry, art and nature.

Find Hudson's work here.

We're looking for more local artists of any kind to be featured on Local 22 & Local 44 New This Morning. Send ideas to news@mychamplainvalley.com.

Lauren Maloney sat down with Williston Town Manager Rick McGuire to preview Town Meeting Day, March 1.


-- Town provides a wide range of services to Williston residents, visitors and businesses

-- Estimating the cost of providing those services for next fiscal year is $10.2 million

-- That represents a 3.9% increase over the current year

-- Based on current grand list, taxpayers will see a one cent increase in their municipal tax rate

Article 3: Pet Control Ordinance

-- The Town has an existing Dog control Ordinance that mirrors state law.

-- Changes broaden definition of pets covered from just dogs to all pets; and provide for the reporting of pet attacks or bites by a law enforcement officer or health officer, regardless of whose property the attack occurred on.

Article 7: Fire Truck

-- Article seek authorization to purchase one new fire truck to replace two older trucks

both of which exceed 19 years in age.

-- Bad news - The cost of new trucks is very high. ($705,000)

-- Good news - The recently completed new public works facility came in under budget and the proposal is to use $400,000 left from that project to reduce what is needed for the new fire truck.

A Vermont community is dealing with a tragic loss.

Police say Champlain Valley Union High School senior Tony Moran, 17, was found dead in his parked car Tuesday.

Hinesburg Police Chief Frank Koss said the preliminary investigation shows the St. George teenager was sleeping in his car, when he died from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

Many students and staff learned about Moran's passing on Wednesday.

"People were remembering Tony and thinking about his love of Air Jordan basketball shoes, certainly his love of cars, but just the way he was open and really caring to anyone he came across," said CVU principal Adam Bunting.

"I describe it as this weird, twisted fate that caught him up in this," said Koss.

Around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, police responded to a call of a suspicious vehicle parked at the end of Ledgewood Lane, just a mile from the high school.

"His intent was just to go to sleep. He was there all night," said Koss.

The tire marks still fresh in the snow at the end of Ledgewood Lane. Police found Moran's 1998 Acura Integra.

Police said the car was parked, but still running.

Koss said officers knocked on the door when they saw Moran inside. When he didn't wake up, police broke into the car and discovered he was dead.

"The vehicle was inspected only a few months ago. It's got a brand new inspection sticker on it. We're going to be looking at the exhaust system and if there's a failure in this, is that a failure that could have just happened or this a failure that should have been apparent when the vehicle was inspected," said Koss.

Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer; it is colorless, odorless and highly toxic.

Police said the deadly gas may have come from a leak in the exhaust system.

"If you bottom out and hit a rock and dent a pipe that leaves it a greater risk at leaking," said Noyes Automotive manager Chaney Noyes.

Noyes said most drivers don't even know when a problem occurs, and leaks are usually found during an inspection.

"Just the slightest leak could let enough go and get into the cab. It can get in there a lot of different ways," said Noyes.

Principal Adam Bunting said students are learning two lessons from their loss.

"The recognition of how short life can be, and how quick things can go from normal to not normal," said Bunting.

Police are doing their own inspection of the exhaust system, and investigating why Moran was sleeping in his car.

A train of disturbances has crossed the area for much of the week. It's lead to daily snow showers and temperatures that have been cold, but not outrageously cold. A batch of snow showers is crossing the area Wednesday night. There may be brief spots of heavier snow and wind but they continue to push east. Any snow late tonight will tend to be on the lighter side but we could see around an inch or two of new snow by early Thursday. The western facing foothill of the Green Mountains may end up near 3". Still, it'll be blowing around at times and sticking to roads; go easy. Temperatures will fall slowly overnight into the middle and upper teens by morning. Thursday, our wind will be gradually shifting and be from the northwest, this helps to spill cold air into the area all day. It also means the warmest part of the day will be in the morning with afternoon readings dropping to near 10° with wind chills at or below 0°. The cold still gets worse. Meanwhile, spotty snow will be around during the day Thursday. Most of it will be confined to the mountains but valley showers aren't ruled out. Generally we're looking at about an inch of new snow down low; higher terrain could add up to 1-3". Here's where it gets worse. Thursday night lows will be around 0-4°, with some spots in the Adirondacks and NEK well below 0°. Friday's highs struggle to get into the middle and upper teens; the wind won't be as bad. Wind chills Friday afternoon will be around 0-10°. Another around of snow arrives Friday evening; another widespread inch or three of accumulation is possible; mountains and the NEK get more. All told through Saturday morning, valleys are looking at 1-3" of new snow with mountains and the NEK near 3-6". Some of the higher peaks of the Adirondacks may end up closer to 8". A steady stream of lake effect moisture will help enhance snow totals there. The bigger weather story over the weekend will be the cold. Saturday's lows start near or blow 0° with afternoon highs struggling to get near 5°. Meanwhile, the wind is howling from the west northwest making it feel like it's well below 0° all day; wind chills will be near -10° to -20°. High country highs won't get above 0°, most ski resorts will be around -10° to 0°. A few light snow showers are possible in the mountains Saturday with little accumulation. Lows Saturday night through Valentine's Day morning will easily be the coldest of the season. We're all heading well below 0° with the Champlain Valley bottoming out around -9° with wind chills much colder than that. There are significant signs of warming starting next week; we'll be in the 20s & 30s again by Tuesday. However, it comes with another batch of rain and snow.


-Meteorologist Sean Parker

The Farm to School movement is an effort to connect fresh foods grown by local farmers with schools throughout the state. The program has reached more than 30 thousand students in Vermont. Supporters of the fresh food movement were at the State House today. They're trying to convince lawmakers to expand the program.

"Child nutrition programs are about food access," said Doug Davis, Food Service Director for Burlington Schools. He says the district has been a part of the Farm to School movement since 2003, "We need to make sure our kids are accessing the healthy meals that they need," he said.

Besty Rosenbluth is Project Director for Vermont Feed. It's a Farm to School program sponsored by Shelburne Farms and the Northeast Organic Farming Association. She says the program bring cafeterias, classrooms, and communities together.

It's why Rosenbluth and other champions of the program are here at the State House hoping to expand the program to include child care centers and beyond. "We know that when a kid knows a farmer, and a kid grows food and is involved in cooking and preparing that food, it's more likely they'll make choices to eat that healthy food," said Rosenbluth.

Eighty-four percent of Vermont schools report some kind of Farm to School activity. Studies show schools with Farm to School programs double their vegetable consumption. "We not only have to get people to buy Vermont products when they're in season, but recognize healthy eating is a year round job," said Davis.

Todd Brown owns and operates Farmer Brown Farms in Enosburg. He sends his locally owned meats and veggies to area schools and sees the health benefits. "The students have more focus, they're paying more attention, there's less of a tired feeling after lunch. It just helps them go about their day better," said Brown. Twenty-six percent of Vermont teens are overweight or obese, Farmer Brown says local foods through Farm to School can help reverse that trend.

For Doug Davis and Burlington Schools, the Farm to School program will continue to serve many purposes despite costing more, "It isn't just about the food, it's about investing in the local economy. It's about investing in the farmers, the ideas, the access," stated Davis.

The Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets, estimates that states institutions including schools, hospitals and Higher Ed, are a potential $11 million market for local foods.

Vermont should not be in the business of owning coal according to Governor Peter Shumlin.

Te Governor met with members of Vermont Fish and Wildlife as well as Lake Champlain International to discuss the affects of coal use on Vermont's environment. They say the coal industry, and coal use in other states are major sources of mercury emissions and accumulation in lakes, forests, and it impacts local animals.

"We're concerned about our lakes and ponds as a food source. It's particularly disconcerting that an out of state industry would be profiting at the expense of our own food, and our own water and in some cases air quality," stated James Ehlers, Executive Director of Lake Champlain International.

The group says Vermont lakes have been hit the hardest, with up to 16 percent showing acid stress. Governor Shumlin has been pushing for the state to divest from coal stocks.


Even on this chilly day, it was hard to spot ice fishermen. Luckily we found two, Ray and John from Essex, Vermont.

"Usually we are fishing late November or early December. We didn't start coming out until end of January..." said Ray Greenwood.

Both men are seasoned fishermen. Compared to past seasons, the ice is limited right now. Which means crowding on the ice. Good news the fish are biting.

"We have had fairly good success with getting some perch in a few northerns, and we have seen other people having pretty good success with some northerns..." said John Deemeritt.

According to Vermont Fish & Wildlife, there is some good fishing out there when the ice is safe.

"We are seeing good ice out there on a number of smaller lakes and ponds. Especially seeing an increase in ice fishing..." said Louis Porter.

Fishing licenses have taken a hit so far in 2016, not too many have sold. But Louis Porter is hopeful sales will pick up when open water season begins.

"This winter on Lake Champlain you can do two types of activities ice is covering the lake to the north so ice fishing is one of them..." said Local 22/44's Torrance Gaucher.

The other option, sailing!

Caroline Patten coaches the UVM Sailing Team. She had her crew on the lake Wednesday, training for the spring season.

"A lot of the teams we sail against are starting this early. The Mid-Atlantic districts, they have been able to practice every day pretty much this time of year..." said Caroline Patten.

So even if the lake isn't frozen ... It's still a sold practice for Will Crary and his crew team.

"Just like any other sport we will do what it takes to beat the other teams. We are out here doing the best we can. Its not super crazy I guess. We are all wearing dry suits..." said Will Crary.

Chris Christie announced he is ending his presidential bid Wednesday.

"I leave the race without an ounce of regret. I'm so proud of the campaign we ran, the people that ran it with me and all those who gave us their support and confidence along the way," Christie said in a Facebook post.

Christie received about seven percent of the vote in the New Hampshire Primary on Tuesday.

Carly Fiorina also announced she was ending her run for president on Wednesday. She received four percent of the vote in the New Hampshire Primary.

The Burlington School Board announced contract talks with the teacher's union has reached an impasse.

The board says the next step is to seek involvement of a neutral mediator sometime in the next month.

In the next few weeks, the board says they will inform the community about the disputed contract issues that includes salary, health insurance, and fair settlement.

Richmond Police arrested two people they say had drugs at the Park & Ride on West Main Street.

Police say Shannon Edwards, 30, of Waterbury, Vt., and Aidan Mallett, 18, of East Calais, Vt., were observed with open containers inside the vehicle.

Edwards had a conditions of release including a 24 hour curfew and conditions not to leave Washington County. He is also accused of having drug paraphernalia and two diazepam pills.

Edwards was arrested and Mallett was released.

After getting a warrant Tuesday and searching the vehicle, police say they found cocaine and crack cocaine inside the vehicle.

Edwards is charged with possession of cocaine and depressants. He is lodged at Chittenden Regional Correctional Center for lack of $2,000 bail.

Mallet is charged with possession of cocaine.

Republican Presidential Candidate Carly Fiorina suspends her presidential campaign.

In a Facebook post on her campaign page, Fiorina says she will continue to travel the country and fight for Americans who refuse to settle for the way things are.

"This campaign was always about citizenship, taking back our country from a political class that only serves the big, the powerful, the wealthy, and the well connected," Fiorina said. "I've said throughout this campaign that I will not sit down and be quiet. I'm not going to start now."

Fiorina received about four percent of the vote in the New Hampshire Primary.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is urging the State Legislature to pass a $15 phased-in minimum wage this session.

According to the governor's office, the increase would affect 43,423 workers and increase their spending power by $278.3 million.

"If you work full time, you shouldn't have to live in poverty - which is why it's time for New York to lead the way and pass a $15 minimum wage," Governor Cuomo said. "This report demonstrates that raising the minimum wage will provide new opportunity and restore economic justice to millions of New Yorkers. Our proposal will lift families out of poverty and create a stronger economy for all, and I urge lawmakers to help us fight for fair pay for working families this year."

About 14,000 workers are earning the current minimum wage of $9.00 per hour.

Gov. Cuomo is proposing this schedule to increase the minimum wage:

New York City

Statewide (excluding NYC)

Min. Wage

Effective Date

Min. Wage

Effective Date























A New York man is accused of inappropriately touching a 21-year-old female friend who was visiting him at his residence.

Scott Smith, 50, of Malone, is charged with one count of forcible touching.

The incident happened on Monday.

Smith was arraigned and remanded to the Franklin County Jail in lieu of $2,000 cash bail or $4,000 bond.

He is due back in court in March.

Vermont officials are urging Vermonters to be prepared for frigid temperatures arriving this weekend.

Local 22 and Local 44's SkyTracker Weather Team is predicting temperatures to be around zero degrees with wind chill temperatures -15 to -30 degrees.

Officials say Vermonters should dress in layers, have sufficient heating fuel (oil, wood, etc.) supply for your home, recognize health risks, and take other safety measures as needed.

In vehicles, it's advised to have a blanket, hat and gloves, first aid kit, flashlight, and extra batteries.

Bernie Sanders finally tasted the specialty ice cream flavor that Ben and Jerry made in his honor on ABC's "The View" Wednesday morning.

Sanders confirmed it was the first time he had tried the dessert, named 'Bernie's Yearning,' and that it was "excellent."

But the ice cream was not the only treat in store for Sanders. The Vermont Senator also shots some hoops with the hosts of the show, as he did last night in New Hampshire to celebrate his astonishing win in the primary there.

Asked by Whoopi Goldberg how he could keep his momentum going as the race moves into Nevada and South Carolina, Sanders replied, "A lot of effort."

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin highlighted the damages to lakes, fish, and forests resulting from coal.

The governor's office says the coal power industry is a major source of mercury emissions and mercury accumulation in the environment, impacting lakes, forests, and species that inhabit both.

"Vermont should not be in the business of owning coal stocks," Gov. Shumlin said. "As a state, we should not be supporting an industry that so directly pollutes our air, water, and forests. The coal industry prioritizes profits over the health of Vermonters and our environment. We should join California in divesting from this industry."

Much of the dirty air, according to the governor's office, that contributes to acid rain travels across many states and ends up in Vermont forests, threatening their long-term sustainability.

During a press conference Wednesday, Gov. Shumlin also noted that coal is the largest contributor to climate change.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders held a breakfast meeting with the Reverend Al Sharpton at Sylvia's restaurant in Harlem.

Sanders defeated opponent Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire Primary Tuesday night. See all of the election results from the New Hampshire Primary.

Sanders and Clinton face off in the Nevada Democratic Caucus on February 20 and the South Carolina Democratic Primary on February 27.

Every Wednesday we take you to a "Cool School" in our viewing area. The students and faculty from Fayston Elementary School in Fayston, Vermont got up early to be live on the morning show and tell us why they think they are the best.

The students told Local 22 and Local 44's Alaina Pinto about the weekly morning meeting, Winter Sports Program, the upgrades to the nature trail and so much more. To learn more about Fayston School visit their website, here the schools blog, Twitter feed and Instagram are all accessible from the home page .

Do you have a favorite school? Want to nominate them to be featured as a Cool School? You can! Fill out a form, here, and maybe your favorite school will be featured live on the morning show next.

Hinesburg Police say a CVU High School student died from carbon monoxide poisoning Tuesday afternoon.

The incident happened at around 1:30 p.m. off Texas Hill Road.

When first responders arrived, they found 17-year-old Tony Moran dead inside a running and locked vehicle.

An autopsy is being conducted to determine the manner and cause of death.

Alcohol or drugs are not believed to be a factor in the incident.

Moran was a senior at the high school.

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